About The Event

The 2nd ASEAN Insurance Summit 2016 topics is about “The Rise of ASEAN – How can we strategically position the Insurance Industry to play a bigger role in AEC?“.

One Day event on 23 November 2016 at Royal Ambarrukmo Hotel, Yogyakarta – INDONESIA.

Insurance leaders, Practitioners, Institutions, and Regulators are coming together to share their perspectives and voice their opinions at the Summit to contribute to the AEC policy making process and to keep abreast of the AEC progress and updates for the Insurance Sector towards vision 2025 at the 2nd ASEAN Insurance Summit to be held on 23 November 2016 in Yogyakarta. At the Summit, Regulators will update the progress of preparations in their individual markets as the region moves closer towards ASEAN integration.

Organised by the ASEAN Insurance Council (AIC), the Summit aims at further preparing ASEAN insurance leaders and practitioners for the ramifications of the integration on their business activities, with the key theme of The Rise of ASEAN – How can we strategically position the Insurance Industry to play a bigger role in AEC?“.

The inaugural Summit targets to help insurers capitalise on the opportunities the integration will open up as it paves the way for ASEAN insurers to grow their reach and become regional players. The Summit will also serve as an important forum to voice their opinions and contribute to the policymaking process of the ASEAN Economic Community.

What the Summit offers?

  • Obtain details of the AEC Progress and Updates For Insurance Sector
  • Receive updates from the Regulators on the readiness of the Insurance Industry from a
    regulatory perspective
  • Deliberate on key issues related to the AEC implementation in different insurance sectors
  • Contribute your views or concerns related to the AEC implementation
  • Network with public and private sector representatives from ASEAN and Europe

Who Will Be There ?

  • Senior officials representing the ASEAN Secretariat
  • ASEAN Insurance Regulators
  • Representatives from Public and Private Sector INGOs
  • Directors and Senior Management from ASEAN Insurance Organisations Programme